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3 things to do for summer vacations for kids with ADHD

by Fatima Malik

One of the biggest challenges as a parent is to plan a child’s day outside of regular school weeks. 


How much screen time, how to keep siblings from fighting with each other, how to get some me time for yourself when your kids are at home.


For a parent of a child with ADHD, these plans can get tricky. Not only do you have to plan their summer vacations, but you also have to keep in mind that your child with ADHD may not respond the same as their peers. 


A child with ADHD could have a play date planned with a friend but may come home frustrated or agitated. Kids with ADHD have everyday challenges that they experience, which a child without ADHD does not and can not comprehend. 


Kids with ADHD struggle with social situations and can sometimes feel unheard or feel like they do not belong. They get uncomfortable through the encounter, which causes them to feel agitated or frustrated when they get home. 


As a parent, you think that your child has had fun and is potentially tired enough to go to bed so you can do some adulting. But you end up undoing the emotional toll that playdate took on your child.

3 summer vacations ideas for your kids with ADHD

Summer vacations are a good time for a parent to teach their kids new skills. Some of the popular activities for parents to turn to are music/art lessons, sports and camps.

  1. Music/art Lessons:

    Kids with ADHD are known to be creative and having a neurodivergent brain helps them hyperfocus into getting really good at creative tasks. So depending on your kid’s interest, music and/or art lessons may be a good way to help them use up energy and teach them to focus on learning new skills.

  2. Sports:

    Kids with ADHD have a lot of pent-up energy and they usually need a daily routine to use up that energy because otherwise, they’d be bouncing off walls. Sports are a great way to help your child with ADHD use up that energy in a healthy and positive way as they learn a new sport (or get better at an existing one).

  3. Summer Camps:

    Summer Camps are great for kids. They teach kids all sorts of lifelong skills. Kids feel quite productive and usually end up making lasting friendships at these camps. For kids with ADHD however, it might be beneficial to find and register for a camp that specializes in ADHD. For example, a camp meant for kids with ADHD would focus on improving your child’s self-esteem and confidence (as kids with ADHD usually have low self-esteem and therefore low confidence – Learn More). An ADHD summer camp would also focus on helping them gain tools for emotional regulation (impulse control etc). These camps would help the child build social skills (something kids with ADHD struggle with), by helping them pick up on social cues, waiting their turn, not interrupting etc. The activities and lessons learned at these camps would help your child with ADHD, to be a better team player, handle interpersonal problems effectively.

Positive Kids Summer Camps are specifically designed for kids with ADHD. The website outlines exactly what your child would learn at these camps and registering is easy.

Summer Camps for kids with ADHD are available in most cities in Ontario, like Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Woodbridge, North York, Oakville etc and in most provinces in Canada, like Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba etc. Call us to register today at 1-866-503-7454

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