Is ADHD a learning disability?

Is ADHD a learning disability?


People and children with ADHD are actually fast learners.


By Fatima Malik


In fact, if a teacher slows down to explain something to a child with ADHD, the chances are that that child will zone them out. 

An ADHD brain needs to be constantly stimulated to comprehend the concept being taught.

For example, sometimes, if a child with ADHD is learning something from a YouTube video, they would absorb the concept better if they played the video 1.25x – 1.5x faster.

To hold their attention, educators need to be engaging and a little animated, if possible. 


You would think that a child with ADHD would perform better if there were no distractions around them, and to have them finish an exam alone in a room would work, but that might make things worse. 

If they have the freedom to fidget or just stand at their desks, they’d be able to concentrate better and exert that extra energy build-up as well. 


Contrary to what we might think, isolating these kids to help with concentration will not work.

Even though the ADHD brain is 3% smaller in size, that does not affect their IQ level. In fact, many kids with ADHD have a high IQ level. 

However, if left undiagnosed, the ADHD symptoms in a child with a high IQ level could lead to depression and anxiety, which would likely get worse with age as they move into adulthood.

Females, especially have been known to beat themselves up over not being organized enough or as clutter-free as their friends and family. This leads them into thinking they have a personality flaw when in fact, they have ADHD.

There are several learning disabilities children can have, but ADHD is not one of them. 


The ADHD brain is Neurodivergent. And if you were to google that, it just means it’s different from the norm. It’s not wrong to have a different brain than a ‘normal’ version of the same organ. In fact, this divergence can have its advantages.

Because the ADHD brain is Neurodivergent, it creates out-of-the-box thought patterns, which allow people with the ADHD brain to be great problem solvers. These people are energetic and ‘fun’ to be around and often sensitive to others.

ADHD is not a learning disability, but it still requires treatment depending on how severe the symptoms are. Holistic treatments like the LEPS Model are engineered to help prepare children with ADHD for an adult life that will be divergent.

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